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Graphic Design

Exceeding your design dreams at studio 162Graphic Design is the heart of Studio 162. Whether to design brochures, event invitations, business cards, stationery or marketing collateral, Studio 162 can design the pefect piece that fulfills your design vision and more.

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Marketing Collateral

Annual Reports
Magazine Ads
Trade Show Displays
Wedding and Event Invitations
Event Posters and Marketing


Business Cards
Greeting Cards
Press Kits
Posters & Postcards

Website Design

A website is an essential element of a company's marketing campaign. Studio 162 creates sites that truly reflect the identity of the company, and look to fulfill the needs of its visitors. Unique design and easy navigation combine to create a flawless site.

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Development & Coding

We develop websites by latest standards and offer regular maintenance and updates to maximize your visitors experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Studio 162 improves visibility and increases your organic searches by properly developing text content and HTML coding.

Content Management System

A CMS allows the client to make edits to their website, without Studio 162’s help. Make regular updates to products, news, images and more. Offer Wordpress and PHP/MySql CMS.

3D Designs Elements

Take your graphics to the next level. Adding dimension to web graphics simulates depth and can help establish levels of hierarchy to complex images.


Widely supported by many browsers, Flash animations can give your website the spice it needs to engage visitors to buy, browse or learn.


Sell your merchandise online without a retail storefront. Reach a broad audience nationally and internationally.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Image is everything. The right colors and icons link your image with your business model. From its conception to the developement of a brand language, Studio 162 can make it happen.

A company’s brand and subsequent language can extend over various forms of media, including packaging, presentations, reports, business stationery, etc. Studio 162 helps business design their brand, slogans and color combinations. With our design help, a combination of your colors, icons and words can automatically link a client to your growing brand.

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Heirloom Books

Photographs and personal mementos are perhaps the most valuable possessions we own. Through research, including informal client interviews, and careful review of collected photographs and documents, Studio 162 is able to harmonize a stunning visual and literal narrative.

These works of art, graphically and verbally, depict the memories, milestones and other cherished moments in our client's life. Each book is hand bound in raw silk is unique in content and concept for each customer. A book can be made to detail a couple's courtship, an individual's childhood, a ceremonious occasion, explore a family's ancestry and countless other themes.

Studio 162 also collaborates with writers, illustrators, designers, photographer and painters to bring diversity and pure artistry to each heirloom.

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